Reflexe k úspěšné akci: Speakers’Bureau, Diplomaté ve školách

Reflexe k úspěšné akci: Speakers’Bureau, Diplomaté ve školách

Dne 17. 12. 2019 navštívil naši školu americký diplomat Doug Morrow. O této výjimečné akci jsme vás informovali na školních FB stránkách.

Po krátké době se znovu vracíme k jeho návštěvě se zpětnou vazbou studentů. Děkuji studentům i jejich učitelům za postřehy, které si můžete přečíst níže.

The US Diplomat

On 17th December 2019, our school was visited by a US diplomat Doug Morrow. All third and fourth forms assembled in the school gym and met Mr Morrow.  All classes had the option to ask any question. There were many questions asked, for example, what it is like to be a diplomat and to live in different countries every few years.

Mr Morrow had also asked questions and was sometimes very astonished by the answers. He also compared life in the Czech Republic with living standards in the US. He pointed out only a few differences because life seems quite similar.

All in all, it was an interesting experience for all of us.


Visit from an American Diplomat

 In my opinion, everybody was surprised, how well was he able to speak Czech and also how many countries Mr Morrow had visited. He visited each continent except for Antarctica, all in all, more than 70 countries. Students were asking questions about his professional life and also about differences between Czechs and Americans.

It was a very interesting time with an interesting guest and I believe that every single student was impressed by this uncommon profession.


On 17th December, our school was visited by an American diplomat Mr Morrow. First of all, he shook hands with the majority of students and asked them various easy questions which was quite nice – I have never met a lecturer who would’ve done it. Then, he introduced himself, explained what is his calling here in the Czech Republic. He mentioned the differences between American and Czech mentality – from his point of view, Americans are more expressive, talkative and less shy; Czechs are more conservative and like “verified principles”.


After his blunt introduction, students could ask him questions concerning his job and life. Even though students were at the beginning of the lecture quite shy, many interesting questions were asked and fundamentally answered – he also had a remark about the difference between American and Czech students; American students are supposedly brought up to ask, talk and in general be more opened.


We found out a lot of interesting information about Mr Morrow and diplomacy. It was maybe the last time, we met an American diplomat, so thanks to my school and teachers for such a rare opportunity!


The diplomat

Doug the diplomat was an interesting addition to our student experience at my school. Most of the students were shy or afraid to ask him about anything at first, so Doug had to be initiative to lure the students into the web of questions and lead them down the rabbit hole of understanding between him and the students.

 In my opinion, a lot of questions given to him sounded like if they’ve been asked by a bunch of chimpanzees with brain tumours, like: “What is your favourite animal?“ or  “What is your favourite colour?“ He is a diplomate for Christ’s sake! I have decided to ask him about something more controversial. “So next year there will be the US presidential elections- Do You have a candidate you’re rooting for? If yes, then who?“ I asked, but he didn’t give me an answer to that. He started talking about Trump, the republicans, the democrats and he kind of dodged my question by doing this.

Otherwise, he seemed really nice, he even went around the room before the class started, we shook hands with him, we did some basic introduction, so overall I’d say it was nice.